Saturday, May 13, 2017

My first shot at Ringside Commentary from Jupiter, FL, alongside Billy C

This was a great opportunity for me from back in twenty-eleven! I got to do ringside commentary for a fight card in Jupiter, Florida, alongside Bill Calogero. It was a lot of fun. We covered Jason Gavern vs. Darnell Wilson in the Main Event and future heavyweight titlist Luis "King Kong" Ortiz fought on the undercard. check out the 3 fights below...

The First Black Boxing Champions by Colleen Aycock and Mark Scott

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Order Billy C's book on Tom Molineaux NOW!!

Tom Molineaux
From Bondage to Baddest Man on the Planet

I was a consultant on the manuscript for this book and I wrote a foreword for it. I've worked with Bill Calogero since July of twenty-ten and this was a fun and very important project.

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Go To Hell by Jacob Bittens

Had the pleasure of working with some really talented young people from NYU's Tisch Film School on this project. I was an extra and appeared in a couple scenes. This was the biggest production I have worked on and it was just a great experience. The lighting and set design and all the behind the scenes people and many duties was just really cool to observe and have a small part in.

GO TO HELL from Jacob Bittens on Vimeo.

Geno McGahee's Family Secret is re-cut, remastered and available NOW!

the 2009 film i co-produced and co-starred in has been remastered and recut and is now available to stream at any time on Amazon Prime

Zombie Anonymous a film by Jacob Bittens