Sunday, June 10, 2018

Another reboot nightmare or a nightmare of a reboot?

Halloween gets a revamp with Carpenter's blessing

It's here! The first trailer of the latest re-incarnation of the best slasher/horror franchise of them all, Halloween! OK, maybe that's just my opinion but I'm certainly not the only one to look at John Carpenter's Halloween as canonical in American horror cinema. Sure, much of it is inspired, ahem, swiped, from Dario Argento's Deep Red but Carpenter and Debra Hill have often said as much. Halloween is the babysitter movie about so much more than babysitters and despite numerous sequels and a previous re-boot by Rob Zombie, Michael Myers has never scared anyone as much as he did in the original movie.
Maybe that changes on October 19th, twenty-eighteen.
This new re-vamp picks up after the original and exists outside of the timeline created by all the sequels. In this trailer they establish that the big reveal from later Halloween night, in 1981's Halloween 2, when Dr Loomis discovers Laurie Strode is Michael's younger sister, never happened. In this first trailer Laurie Strode's grand daughter debunks it while walking with 2 friends on Halloween morning, very much like Laurie did with Annie and Linda in the original.
There seem to be quite a few nods to the original film and to part 4 which came out in 1988 after Michael Myers had been on the shelf for 7 years. During those years Jason Voorhees had starred in 4 movies since Friday the 13th part 2 in 1981 and owned the slasher market. In Part 4 Michael returned in a much more Jason-esque role. But I digress...

check it out and then see my comments below...

Some thoughts on this 1st trailer:

*The British investigators mention Michael Myers killing three people before his doctor shot him. Wasn't it more than that? How many people died in the Smith's Grove escape? we never know. But we know he killed the guy in the Phelps Garage truck because he took his coveralls.
*By far my favorite part is the asylum scene where a shackled Myers has his back on the investigators while they hold up his mask and all the other inmates out for fresh air start to lose it. The dog starts barking. All the inmates are chained to cement block anchors on a field painted like a red and white checkerboard. It's in broad daylight and very creepy.
*We know Myers has a thing with dogs. Michael kills 2 dogs in the original, one because "he got hungry" and the other, Lester, the Wallace's German Shepherd, because it just wouldn't stop barking.
*The headlights on the car hit the escaped & wandering inmates who have come out of the bus in a similar way to how we see the escaped inmates of Smith's Grove Sanitarium on October 30, 1978 in the original.
*It looks like Michael has found coveralls from another mechanic, as he did in the original and in part 4.
*The rest room stall scene is reminiscent of two other Halloween sequel moments, one from part 5 I think where Michael steals the keys from a mom who is using a grimy rest stop rest room with her whiny daughter, and of course the big burrito shit,truck-stop bathroom death of Big Joe Grizzly in Zombie's Halloween.
*Yes, those are teeth.
*It looks like Michael is actually using the head of the video investigator as a battering ram on that urinal door. Look closely.
*The instant Michael walks into the Trick-or-Treaters is a call back to when the same thing happens during the day in 1978 at Haddonfield Elementary when one of Tommy Doyle's tormentors runs into him.
*The moment Laurie Strode shoots Myers' reflection in the upstairs bedroom mirror is reminiscent of a similar shot Dr Loomis takes at Michael in a truck-stop diner in Part 4 and the bullets hit nothing but a mirror.
*Laurie Strode's arm scar was caused in 1978 when Michael stabbed her at the top of the stairs in the Wallace house and she fell over the railing.
*Laurie Strode has become completely obsessed with Myers while he's been incarcerated. She has made her home into a fortress. In one flash where she is saying how she's waited for him you can see jars of food and bottled water like she's a doomsday prepper.
*There is a moment in a child's room where a person-shaped ghost sits in a chair beside a fish tank. Something went down in this room because if you notice the chair is tipped over and there is a pumpkin inside the fish tank which seems slightly amiss. The cop is scanning the room. Is that Michael under the sheet? 
*Laurie is speaking to the British video investigator, no doubt at some point BEFORE his head is used as a door-knocker. She points out how he should believe in the Bogeyman. She obviously does and her home has some serious metal gates BUT we do see Michael standing just inside her front door. 
*Looks like we will get a literal hand-to-hand, face-to-Capt. Kirk mask fight scene between Laurie Strode and Michael Myers in this flick, unless it's a dream sequence. With all the gun-play it seems unlikely she intends to get too close to him so maybe it is from a dream. He is Mr. Sandman. Or is he The Dream? Hmmm.
*The closet! wow! Michael has always had a thing for them.

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