Friday, January 9, 2015

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Alex Pierpaoli is a writer with a unique perspective. He has been addicted to The Sweet Science since December of 1985 when he saw Mike Tyson crush Sam Scaff in one round re-played on MSG Network completely by chance one afternoon while he was still in High School.
Alex Pierpaoli is a boxing analyst and historian and is a weekly contributor to the Talkin Boxing with Billy C show. On Wednesday's, starting in July of 2010, Pierpaoli does the Blast-From-The-Past with host Billy C.
A member of IBRO since July of 2009, Pierpaoli had an essay published in the anthology The First Black Boxing Champions by Colleen Aycock & Mark Scott, about Joe Jennette & Sam McVey and their 49 round Finish Fight on April 17, 1909.
Pierpaoli's writing has sporadically appeared on the internet since 2001 at as well as on his own websites:

Alex Pierpaoli is also head honcho at Webhead Entertainment, LLC
Visit Qweeqweg's Barb Alex Pierpaoli's Blog

The following is from C-SPAN2 BookTV's IN DEPTH interview of Alexander Cockburn by Connie Doebele

What does it mean to you to be a radical?

It means basically, initially challenging pretty much everything that's put before you in either audio or visual form or in literature or in journalism.  Obviously, it has a social and political vision behind it.  I mean radical is like one of these words like liberal, it's very hard to even get a fix on it anymore... Twenty years ago liberal meant something very different from what it does now, I think.  Radical really means that you don't necessarily regard, in fact, you absolutely don't regard the Democratic Party as about as far left as you can go on the American political spectrum.  It's seriously to the Left. --Alexander Cockburn of Counterpunch

"The doctor said I wouldn't have so many nosebleeds if I kept my finger outta there." -Ralph Wiggum

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